IINLP LogoDrawing upon a wide range of cutting-edge psychological tools, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a highly-effective discipline which studies how we think, communicate and behave. NLP is used by people from all walks of life in many capacities, kick-starting their personal and professional development.

The Irish Institute of NLP is a world-renowned centre of excellence in delivering NLP Training of the very highest calibre, from our entry-level Practitioner courses, all the way to our specially designed courses to help you to become an internationally-recognised Mind Coach.


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Brian Colbert Explains NLP on Sigmalive from Greece"Brian Colbert on Signalive explains how NLP can change your mind"



Become  a Licensed Practitioner of NLP 

Online Course Dates 12th –17th April 2021 Inclusive

NLP Practitioner Training is a licensed training in which you are trained in the fundamental elements and skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The course will allow you become a member of the Society of NLP and The Irish Institute of NLP and entitle you to represent yourself as a Licensed Practitioner of NLP. This particular course is a week long intensive training designed in a manner that allows for total immersion and improved intake of the NLP skills that will be the difference in your personal and professional life.

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Just completed the Master Practitioner with Brian and Owen. It has been an amazing experience. They are truly gifted teachers. That combined with Theresa's extraordinary organisational skills made for a memorable and easy learning environment. They really are masters in what they do.

Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan

I just recently finished the Master Practitioner course with Brian and Owen. Without a shimmer of doubt it was the best course I have ever done. I'm a trainer and coach and have done a lot of formal and informal training courses over the years but this course is just in a league of its own.

Fiona NicChoiligh

For some 30 years now, I’ve trained every major trainer in the field of NLP. I’ve trained people to be Practitioner and Master Practitioners but there are not that many trainers that I regard to be qualified to teach people things that will not only change people but that will change them in just the right direction. That’s why I’d like to recommend Owen Fitzpatrick and Brian Colbert, because I believe that is the kind of training they provide.

Richard Bandler

NLP Master Practitioner: A lifetime experience that changes your worldview, definitely not to be missed. 
After the course, you are not the same person anymore. Still you, but an even BETTER you.

Elena Chrysikopoulou

Brian is an expert at passing on his wealth of knowledge to his students. He walks the talk. Brian uses all his skills and techniques to deliver high quality, lasting results. It was a constant and pleasant surprise learning from such a skilled professional.

Daria Verjans – Therapist

Brian is the best available when it comes to NLP and he invests alot of time and effort into all his clients which always gives the best result possible, I have worked with Brian and find that my personal and professional gains are always outstanding after a session with Brian.

Helena Davis – Big Minds Ireland

Brian showed me a better way to do things, professionally and personally. Through laughter in a basic NLP course in three days I learned more that I ever thought I could in such short time.

Rebecca Fakin – Career Advisor

Whether doing seminars or treating clients, Brain works to the highest standers for everyone to get their best results. He also offers value, is creative and a man of integrity

Alan Moran – Medical Doctor at Northgate

Brian is a master communicator and facilitator of change. If your desire is to take your business or your personal development to a higher level, he is one of the best in Europe!

Martin Styles – Owner of Riverside Hypnotherapy

I've learned an awful lot form Brian Colbert and he's made my life better along the way. His skills in creating change are phenomenal. If you want to develop your skills or overcome a difficulty I'd highly recommend Brian.

John Prendergast - Business Coach & Founder of High Impact Academy

Brian Colbert delivers expert and highly nuanced presentations and training. I can't imagine a more committed individual. Pay attention to what he says and take action as he describes. You will reap the rewards.

Ger Crotty – NLP Life and Business Coach

Established in 2001, the Institute’s founders, Brian Colbert and Owen Fitzpatrick, have forged a reputation for delivering training that is focused, practical, and highly enjoyable! Brian and Owen are the only Master Trainers of NLP in Ireland, the highest accolade awarded in the field, and have been inspiring, educating and entertaining people from all over the world with their easy-to-follow pragmatic approach, acclaimed linguistic elegance and their acute sense of humour.

So if you want to be happier, more confident, and more successful in life then we can teach you! If you feel now is the time to change, we would be delighted to help. In the meantime, feel free to browse the site and avail of all it has to offer you.

"For some 30 years now, I have trained every major trainer in the field of NLP but there are not many trainers that I regard to be qualified to teach people things that will change people in the right direction. That's why I'd like to recommend Owen Fitzpatrick and Brian Colbert because I believe that is the kind of training they provide.

If you get a chance to do one of their trainings - take it!"

Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of NLP.

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