Below are some short explanations to help inform your decisions especially if you are considering engaging the services of a Coach.

Level 1: Licensed Practitioner of NLP /Licensed  Business Practitioner of NLP

licensed practioner of nlpAn individual trained to this standard has learned the core skills of NLP.

An NLP Practitioner will able to assist you to break through challenges, build confidence, eliminate phobias, get clarity and move forward in your life.

If you are considering consulting with an NLP Practitioner it is advisable to check for whatever additional skills he or she may have to help you.

 Level 2: Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP CrestA Master Practitioner of NLP is able to do all that an NLP Practitioner can do but can also cater for the deeper challenges like fear, anxiety, reactive depression, dyslexia, guilt and basically pretty much anything that may be preventing you from being at your best or living life to the full.

A Master Practitioner of NLP does not need additional qualifications to be effective.


Level 3: Accredited Life and Business Coach

accreddited life and business coachAn IINLP Accredited Life and Business Coach has undergone rigorous supervised training and assessment monitored by ourselves here at the IINLP.

Your Coach is a person that consistently demonstrates competence in dealing with all sorts of challenges from the everyday frustrations to the more challenging therapeutic issues.

If you have a challenge or an issue you are in very capable hands.

Note: To ensure that the highest standards are kept and you get the best from your Coach, all IINLP Coaches must meet their annual training requirements. Failure to reach this criteria is represented below:
Failure to do so two years consecutively results in removal of IINLP Coaching Accreditation status.

Level 4: Licensed Trainer of NLP

licensed trainer of nlpA licensed Trainer of NLP has all the skills necessary to create powerful and positive changes in both group and one-to-one settings.



Level 5: Licensed Master Trainer of NLP

licensed master trainer of nlpA licensed Master Trainer of NLP is one of a select few that has not only demonstrated ability but has contributed to and continues to contribute to the ongoing development and promotion and accessibility of NLP worldwide.


Externally Trained and approved IINLP Members

As IINLP is an ever-expanding successful organisation it attracts many people to its ranks. Some of those are competent in their field but have not been trained directly by the IINLP. So in the spirit of inclusion we happily accept them as members provided that they meet our competence assessment criteria.

Membership and status is signified as set out below.

(Note: General Membership of the IINLP Network requires no previous NLP training)