Using your Brain for ChangeUsing your Brain for a Change by Dr Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, authors this book which is one of the best NLP books available if not the best. 'Using your Brain for a Change' is a classic and over the years it loses none of it's relevancy and insights. It is still a remarkeably powerful book. Focusing on Beliefs, Decisions and the way we think, this book is fun to read and Bandlers amazing ability to teach the material unconsciously comes across in every page.

Richard presents some of his stories from his work with schizophrenics and from the very first page he has your attention. Some of his amazing adventures transfer quite effortlessly the true attitude behind NLP. With all the NLP books on the market, recommending the best introduction to NLP should be a challenging feat. With this book however it is easy. This is by far simply the best introduction of NLP in the market.

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