The-War-of-ArtThe War of Art by Stephen Pressfield

This is a book by the Guy who wrote the film/book the legend of Bagger Vance. This is a really interesting read and it details the journey he is on. He noticed, on the way, how to identify how some people stop themselves from doing what they know they want to do.

He uses a label called resistence and he identifies this as the main reason that people do not get want they want. e.g. I want to be a writer, but I cannot bring myself to sit down in front of a typewriter and type, I was reading today's racing post and a former horse Trainer Jenny Pitman, is now a writer and the headline was "Somedays writing feels like I am being asked to do a pile of ironing that I don't want to face"

This the author says is resistence, just merely notice it and get your work done. Really great read even though it took me some time to sit down and read it :-)
I read it in 2 sittings, mind you a friend who gave it to me said that it would be hard to put it down (and so it proved) Michael Doyle