Provocative TherapyProvocative Therapy by Frank Farrelly

In this 'Provocative' month, I want to review 'Provocative Therapy' by Frank Farrelly. Farrelly conveys the essence of his life's work in this book. The only book to have been written dedicated soley to provocative therapy, it is a goldmine of wisdom. Filled with Franks explanations on the origins and devlopment of PT, although written back in the early 1970's, it's teachings are completely up-to-date.

Many of the case examples transcribed verbatim from actual recordings are absolutely hilarious and hugely entertaining. As well as this, his unique style of therapy is powerful, effective and significantly provoking. The book reveals a new way of thinking about therapy and counselling and offers an insight about just what can be gotten away with in therapy.

The book is revolutionary and it can be seen how it has had a substantial influence of Richard Bandlers method of working with people. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in learning what is possible and what make the difference with the most difficult of cases. Also even without the therapy application, the book is fascinating and hugely funny!!!