No More WorryingNo More Worrying (The Easy Way To A Worry Free Life ) by Allen Carr

Although initially put off by the title of the book as I had enough worrying already, the subtitle attracted me to it. What Allen Carr seems to do in this book, he brings you on a journey through worry and addresses how it seems to appear. He offers 12 golden rules to follow to put a worry free life in front of you to and to step into.

I like the easy read and the fact that I read it in one sitting. Some great insights/rules in this book into worry habits and although it may not be a worry free way for life ( investment is 7.45 at easons ) it certainly makes sense to me.

One of the things that I noticed was he says No point IN worrying. I wondered did he mean people point inwards when they were worrying How about no point in feeling happier now.

Review by Michael Doyle