Learning SpanishLearning Spanish with Michel Thomas

Although normally I dedicate this review to more NLP or NLP related books or products, I just had to talk about a product which I recently was recommended by a friend.

Learning Spanish with Michel Thomas is one of the greatest learning resources I have ever bought into. No amount of praise for this product can be overdone in my opinion. Whether you get the introductory or the basic course, either way you'll be absolutely amazed at how quickly you can pick up the language effortlessly.

Thomas's method is highly unusual and is based on not trying to learn but just listening and repeating. After 3 cds I felt as confident in Spanish speaking as I had in speaking French after spending 5 years in school learning French. Thomas is onto a great thing here.

Sadly, I just heard that at over 90 years old he passed away. When more people find out about his method he will leave some wonderful legacy. If you want to learn a new language this is simply essential to begin with. Pure Genius.