Get Everything DoneGet Everything Done And Still Have Time to Play by Mark Forster

This is the first book in a series of three written by Mark Forster and it sets out his techniques of time/life management. It is a great place to start with, in learning how to master and manage your life and time. Mark has written this book with a first hand knowledge of the problems of procrastination and badly organised time.

These are his methods that he taught and used himself, to battle with and overcome poor time/life management. In this book he takes the techniques that are commonly taught in other time management books and explains why they don't work and how to begin to use alternatives effectively.

The most important message is learning to say no, to too many commitments and techniques to help overcome resistance. There is a lot in this book for a good coach to get their teeth into. I am sure that you will see something in this book that would be of use to you. It is well worth reading and even the most organised will find some pearls.

There are some unique methods that seem to work even for us hardened procrastinators hence the review - enjoy.
Review by Vincent Mawhinney