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Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist Certification

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The Irish Institute of NLP are delighted to present to you this wonderful and meaningful opportunity to substantially increase the quality and impact of your existing Coaching and/or Therapy work.

As this is a very special, powerful and intimate transformational Certification program we have decided that it is best if we deliver the trainings to a smaller group each time. So, for now it cannot be made available to everyone and therefore we would ask that interested delegates please complete the Register of Interest form in order that we can work out who is most suited to the course at this time.

Satir Coaching and Mentoring Program
The purpose of the program is to train coaches and mentors to apply the concepts and methodology of the world-famous social worker and therapist, Virginia Satir, to the field of coaching and mentoring. The training is based on the six phases of her work and the skills within each phase. The phases are: Making Contact, Validating, Facilitating Awareness, Promoting Acceptance, Eliciting Positive Choices and Constructive Change. These are what make this type of coaching and mentoring so UNIQUE, POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE!

This is a very special training which will be tailored to the experience and needs of the trainee. It will involve completing at least 20 structured assignments in an intimate small group setting part of which will also include having sessions with your Trainer. After finishing the training and credentialing process you will become part of group which will have on-going mentoring support and will meet on occasion through the year. Due to this customized form of training, the exact number of hours required cannot be given but an estimate would be 60 commencing with a 3-day foundation group training program and a follow up half day certification session. After the initial training trainees will be encouraged to keep their skills and evolution progressing by meeting as a group at different times throughout the year.

Certification Requirements

  • Step 1. Complete Module 1: The Training Portion of the Program.
  • Lesson 1. Introduction to Satir Coaching and Mentoring Training for Individuals
  • Lesson2. Making Contact with Yourself
  • Lesson 3. Making Contact with a Mentee
  • Lesson 4. Validating Yourself by Using Your Inner Resources
  • Lesson 5. Validating Yourself by Affirming Your Values
  • Lesson 6. Validating Mentees by Affirming Their Values and Highlighting Their Resources
  • Lesson 7. Validating Your Self by Acknowledging Your Feelings
  • Lesson 8. Validating Mentees by Reflecting Their Feelings
  • Lesson 9. Becoming Aware of Your Defensive Behaviours
  • Lesson 10. Facilitating Awareness in a Mentee of Their Defensive Behaviours
  • Lesson 11. Becoming Aware of What Drives Your Defensive Behaviours
  • Lesson 12. Facilitating Awareness in a Mentee as to What is Driving Their Behaviour
  • Lesson 13. Accepting Your Disliked Parts
  • Lesson 14. Promoting Acceptance in a Mentee of Their Disliked Parts
  • Lesson 15. Making Changes for Yourself
  • Lesson 16. Reinforcing Change for Yourself by Seeking Support
  • Lesson 17. Eliciting Positive Choices and Changes for Mentees and Reinforcing the Changes
  • Lesson 18. Eliciting Change by Helping a Mentee Choose to Live by Their Values
  • Lesson 19. Demonstrating Ability to Integrate All Six Phases in a Helping Interaction
  • Lesson 20. Reviewing Your Growth and Assessing Readiness for Certification

Registration of Interest


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Brian Colbert

Satir Coaching and Mentoring Specialist

As this is truly a really special training which adds a deeper and more meaningful addition to your work, which models Virginia Satir’s six phases of helping, numbers are strictly limited and acceptance on the course is subject to an interview

Who it’s for:
Holders of the Diploma in Mind Coaching and other relevant professionals.

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22nd - 25th February 2021 inclusive
10th - 13th May 2021 inclusive
20th - 23rd September 2021 inclusive