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Ugo Di Pietro | NLP Master Practitioner | IAMC Accredited Coach| Italy

Ugo is a Certified Coach with more than 20 years of management experience in business. He has played several roles in high-level management positions during which he has developed deep experience and multiple skills, enabling him to lead large teams in achieving positive results in various business domains.

Ugo’s personal and professional career has been further enriched through international assignments that have led him to the United States and France, where he lived for more than 4 years. Twice serving as CEO and General Manager of successful companies, Ugo has always been fond of neuroscience and fascinated by human behaviour. He has now embarked on his own path of development and personal growth incorporating neuroscience, NLP and Coaching.

His extensive business experience, combined with his learnings in life and his natural attitude to listen, guide and motivate people, allows him to effectively support clients in developing a confident approach to overcome life's challenges and to achieve desired goals.

Through a candid and open minded approach, based on his natural sense of humor, Ugo can effectively help people to enhance  self confidence and self awareness and to improve relationships with other people.

Key Areas:

  • Getting over limiting beliefs
  • Achieving personal and professional goals
  • Enhancing communication and performance within relationships, communities, and businesses.

Ugo Di Pietro
Accademia Italiana di PNL
Via Giovanni Da Procida 35/A
20149 Mialno

Tel: +39 3358200063



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