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Renato Zanichelli | NLP Business Practitioner, Master Practitioner & Trainer | NLP Life & Business Coach | Mind Mapping Instructor | Italy

Renato is an IAMC-accredited Mind coach, NLP Business Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer. After a full graduating with a degree in Economics (Bocconi University, Milan) and completing post-graduate studies in the U.K. and in the U.S.A., Renato started his professional practice as a business consultant in 1988.

With almost 30 years of wide professional experience “on the ground” by running his own tax & legal firm, in strong connection with renowned international networks, he combines his traditional advisory and training activity (largely based on visual business design techniques) with NLP Mind Coaching. He’s particularly focused on entrepreneurs. His biggest aspiration, today, is to help individuals and organizations in performing at their best.

His qualifications, among others, are: NLP Business Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer (Master Trainers: Dr Richard Bandler and John La Valle). He’s also been certified Mind Coach (Master Trainer: Brian Colbert) and, lastly, ThinkBuzan Instructor in Mind Mapping. His recurrent thought is to learn as much as he can, and then distill and filter that learning. Renato encourages people to fill up their “knowledge knapsack”. As someday, those learning nuggets in your knapsack may come in handy. According to Renato, you should never say you've studied enough, for life is a continuing learning journey. Among the tools he relies on, there are the “Business Model Canvas” and the “Business Model You” together with a hint of his sense of humour.

The names of client companies he’s been dealing with belong to quite different industries: commerce, transportation, chemistry, electronics, mechanics, oil & gas, buildings and real estate, aerospace, fashion and design, tourism, services, etc.

Fond of photography, information technology and the Italian lifestyle, Renato’s favorite motto is “What we think we become!”.

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Key Areas:

  • Confidence and empowerment
  • Goal achievement
  • Communication and performance within relationships, organisations and businesses
  • Mindfulness

Renato Zanichelli
Viale Maspero 25
21019 – Somma Lombardo (VA) - Italy

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Phone: +39 347 6027166

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