paola brambilla

Paolo Brambilla | NLP Master Practitioner | IAMC Accredited Coach| Italy

Paolo is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and IAMC-accredited Coach. Paolo has worked for 24 years fulfilling various roles in the corporate field, ranging from the pharmaceutical sector to technological innovation. Paolo utilises this experience in achieving the best for any given given group or individual he works with, in the corporate as well as in the personal field.

Paolo discovered NLP in 2009, attending his first Practitioner course. From that point on, Paolo has continued to evolve, learning from expert NLP Trainers, culminating in his accreditation as a Mind Coach with the IAMC.

His comprehensive skillset, along with his life experience, allow him to better understand and interact with his clients, in order to aid them in achieving their goals.

Key Areas:

  • Overcoming the obstacles in life and business
  • Well-formed goals
  • Freeing oneself from limiting beliefs
  • Improving communication

Paolo Brambilla
Accademia Italiana di PNL
Via Giovanni Da Procida 35/A
20149 Mialno



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