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Paola Velati | Master Practitioner | Certified Trainer| Italy

Paola Velati started her training activity working alongside others and directly holding sales interviews, motivating workgroups, and holding job interviews. This initial imprinting has brought a very practical and concrete approach to her training style.

She studied in Italy and the United States with both of the co-founders of Neuro- Linguistic Programming and at leading training institutes around the world to acquire a broader overall vision of the sector.

She became a Master Practitioner and then a Certified Trainer of the Society of NLP, appointed directly by Neuro-Linguistic Programming’s co-founder, Richard Bandler.

She then qualified as a life, sport and business coach, certified by the Society of NLP.

She carries out studies on training, conducts research into teaching Neuro-Linguistic Programming and all its aspects, studies the subject with John Grinder – the co-creator of NLP – and Anthony Robbins, the leading motivational trainer in the world.

She has also broadened her skills through:

  • Mastery of Deep Trance States with Harry Nichols
  • Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning with Richard Bandler and John La Valle
  • Altered States, Shamanic States and Basic Brain Exploration with Richard Bandler and John La Valle
  • Photoreading with Paul R. Scheele
  • Hypnosis at the Milton Erickson Institute in Turin

She is an expert in planning customized training courses for her clients (among which Allianz Bank, BNL, Fineco, Henkel, Daf Trucks, Gruppo Azimut, Maxi Sport, Tua Assicurazioni Gruppo Cattolica and Anasf – National Association of Chartered Financial Advisors).

In over 15 years, she has trained thousands of people in one-to-one and group sessions. She is attentive, determined, discreet, engaging and effective in building harmony and attention among the public.

She is the co-founder of M&A Edizioni, which has published the bestselling book by Brian Colbert, The Happiness Habit, as well as her own book, Il potere del linguaggio (The Power of Language).

When training, she aims to offer the very best, be people-focused and a good listener, build a friendly atmosphere, and always deliver an up-to-date training program.


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