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Nicola Micheli | Qualified IAMN, Certified NLP Trainer & Life, Business & Mind Coach | Italy

Nicola is a qualified IAMN, certified NLP Trainer and Life, Business and Mind Coach with over 30 years of experience in communication and corporate management. Nicola offers coaching services and training courses for personal private enterprises, businesses and training. In recent years, Nicola has invested a great amount of time and energy to attend a large deal of courses, including NLP Trainer Certification (Orlando, FL), NLP Practitioner, Business Practitioner, Master Pratictioner, Public Speaking, Business Model Canvas, Joe Dispenza seminars, Efficient Communication with NLP, Successful Selling.

The above training, along with life experience and acquired skills accrued in many hours of training serving as an assistant, allow Nicola to support private costumers and businesses in achieving a more solid and resolute method in order to allow everyone to face life challenges with calmness and conviction. His personal and business knowledge, built into a useful and efficient coaching strategy, make Nicola able to offer advice into the structuring of training courses for companies, organizations and businesses. In addition, Nicola prides himself on a peaceful and honest approach to his coaching.

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Key Areas:

  • Unlocking complex situations in order to proceed in life and work.
  • Helping to communicate from a confident and strong position.
  • Goal achievement.
  • Support in improving communication within communities, corporates and companies.

Nicola Micheli
Phone: +39 0303384848

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