Michael Gannon
Michael Gannon | Accredited Coach | NLP Master Practitioner | Chartered Physiotherapist | County Cork

Michael has over 40 years’ experience as a health professional with a background in clinical and service management, in areas such as psychotherapy, therapeutic communities, behavioural therapy, Accident and Emergency Counselling, Jungian Psychoanalysis and Development of Community Services. His focus is related to the development dynamics of group/teams and their positive impact both for the individual and the group.

Michael delivers dynamic group concepts for individuals to facilitate change. In addition, Michael is also qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist. He now works as a Senior Therapist in the specialised field of Neuromuscular Motor Control and incorporates his NLP Coaching skills within his scope of practice.

He was able to recognise NLP as an obvious progression both personally and professionally, as well as a powerful change and stabilising tool. Michael states that NLP represents a natural transition from the past content-oriented themes of therapy to the future-oriented, process-focused outlook of NLP Coaching.

 Key Areas:

  • Goal creation and achievement
  • Developmental dynamics of groups/teams
  • Developing interpersonal skills contextually and ecologically.

Michael Gannon
6 Tracton Avenue,
Cork City,

Phone: 087 9445544
E-mail: gannonmn@gmail.com


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