martina fontanini

Martina Fontanini | Licensed NLP Trainer | Life and Sport Coach | Italy

Martina is a Licensed NLP Trainer, directly certified by the co-founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. For 2 years, she has been working in very close contact with professionals in the field at Accademia Italiana di PNL where she has trained in a climate of big exchange, growth and constant development.

Her 17-year career playing basketball, combined with the assiduous practice of Martial Arts, gave her a mental attitude very focused on results and introspection. This allows her to practice as a Sport Coach with competence and deep attention to her clients’ fulfilment.

What lights Martina up is the interest in raising human awareness and the desire to understand and experience.

This attitude brought her to graduate in Science of Education and to take part very young in philosophical meetings, developing a great fascination around human mind and soul. For several years, she has been dedicated to meditation practice and to the study of oriental thought, keeping pace with the latest scientific discoveries. The holistic approach is at the bottom of her activity as a Life Coach.

Key Areas:

  • Result-focused approach to client fulfilment
  • Perseverance and Motivation
  • Personal exploration and discovery

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish and Italian


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