sue anne o donnellKathy Murphy | NLP Coach, Master Practitioner

Kathy Murphy is an empathetic and highly skilled NLP Coach, Master Practitioner. She is the the Founder of Connected Coaching which offers clients access to connect to their core values in a secure online setting.

Connected Coaching has a life-centered approach; with the understanding that when we are connected to what we truly value and believe we have the tools to create lasting change. This ends up affecting how we see ourselves, how we respond and how we move forward in all of our interactions, in life, in business, truthfully, in everything we do.

When we work on one area such as professional development, we often find it is linked to other areas within our life. When the focus is placed on the whole person it acknowledges what we already know; life is messy and various aspects rarely remain compartmentalized.

Kathy provides each client the opportunity to connect to who they are and what they want, with the knowledge that everyone has all the tools they need within to move forward.

Kathy has decades of experience working in the arts and with government bodies in both the US and Ireland. She has worked within large organizations and set up small businesses. Being familiar with the challenges of both gives her a broad perspective on human dynamics, motivations and activators for change.

For more information look for her on Facebook, her website or call 0871373014.

Name: Kathy Murphy
Location: Galway, Ireland - Online
Contact: 0871373014