Jason CooperJason Cooper | Master NLP Practitioner | Accredited NLP Mind Coach

Jason Cooper is an accredited IINLP Mind Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP , accredited neuro selling practitioner and a personal development trainer. He has over 20 years of Sales and fast tech experience from large multinational too aggressive, small online start-ups.

Jason specializes in shifting peoples mind focus to help them achieve their personal and business/sales goals. Jason will work on getting you to simplify and create more useful beliefs, focus plus enable you to have more constructive and powerful thoughts. Jason believes that trust, mutual respect is the first step so that you can open the possibility for major changes in you.

Key Areas:

  • Confidence and motivation
  • Stress Management in leaders and people
  • Overcoming concerns and beliefs
  • Sales and Business Challenges / Processes
  • Internal dialogue / mindset  

Dublin 18

E-mail: jcooper@jasoncooper.ie
Tel: +353 (0)86 0626308

Web: www.jasoncooper.ie
Instagram: @jasonacooper
Twitter: @jasonacooper
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jcooper1970