Grainne Carr
Grainne Carr | IAMC qualified NLP Master Practitioner | Life and Business coach
| Ireland

Gráinne is an IAMC qualified NLP Master Practitioner, Life and Business coach with over 20 years experience in management roles within the financial services sector; empowering individuals and teams to achieve their best. Gráinne now delivers coaching services and trainings to personal clients and those in the business, therapeutic and education sectors.  

Gráinne has over the last 15 years invested in a large variety of trainings in personal development and life enhancing modalities, learning from those at the top of their respective fields in subjects such as Mindfulness, Emotion Processing, Consent and Boundaries, Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NLP), and Persuasion Engineering (NLP). These learnings along with her life experiences and earned expertise allow Gráinne to support clients in achieving a more confident and centred approach to coping with life’s challenges, growing in self awareness and acceptance, becoming more resilient and effective in life and having enhanced relationships with others. Integrating all her knowledge, skills and expertise Gráinne also offers excellent insight, guidance and trainings to communities, organisations and businesses – unique approaches for each unique case.

Key Areas:

  • Getting unstuck and moving forward in life or work
  • Communicating from a place of confidence and strength
  • Confidence, emprowerment and goal achievement
  • Enhancing communication and performance within relationships, communities, organisations and businesses.

Grainne Carr
Tel: +353 (0)86 8182126


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