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Giuseppe Meli | Master Practitioner, Certified NLP Trainer | Italy

Giuseppe Meli started out in sales, quickly forging his way up the career ladder: from sales rep to sales manager at the age of 27, and then Managing Director at 30. He has many years of experience in insurance and bank networks, acquiring specific know-how in the sector which now lies behind his extremely pragmatic, concrete training approach.

Having managed sole and multi-agents, chartered financial advisors and middle managers, he has a great deal of practical experience managing and motivating people. The people he trained have delivered significant, increasingly better results over time.

Giuseppe Meli also has many years of practical experience in job interviews, which he conducted personally using the effective NLP tools.

He became so interested in training that he decided to make a complete career change and set up his own training, coaching and company consulting firm. More than 45,000 people have attended his sessions to date.

He considers companies “from the balance sheet point of view” and this allows him to quickly pinpoint which areas need to be improved in the various sectors of the companies he works for. At the same time, his commercial experience in different sectors, products and fields plays a major role in shaping his training approach which is strongly results-oriented and constantly focused on revenues and sales.

He trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming becoming a Master Practitioner and then a Trainer certified by the Society of NLP, appointed directly by the co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler.

In over 15 years of training activity, he has worked for esteemed companies such as Allianz Bank, ANIMA, BNL, Fineco, Henkel, Daf Trucks, Gruppo Azimut, Maxi Sport, Tua Assicurazioni Gruppo Cattolica and Anasf – National Association of Chartered Financial Advisors. In some cases, company performance after his training sessions increased by more than 25%.

He is a personal coach to important Italian businessmen and managers, helping them to achieve increasingly more ambitious goals.

As the co-founder of a publishing house, M&A Edizioni, he has published Brian Colbert’s bestselling book, The Happiness Habit and a book by Paola Velati, Il potere del linguaggio (The Power of Language).

His training style incorporates the best strategies in various areas (sales, public speaking, team building, motivation, managerial management, etc.) and the “tools” he uses encompass a positive and proactive attitude, energy, determination, engagement and experience.

His motto: Training must produce measurable results.


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