Gerry French

Gerry French | Mind Coach | Hypnotherapy | Speech Writer and Mentor | Dublin 13

Gerry French is a fully accredited Mind Coach, Master practitioner of NLP and member of Toastmasters International since 2001.

He regularly delivers workshops on all aspects of Public Speaking as well one to one coaching.  

Gerry has won multiple speaking competitions in both the UK and Ireland including winning Toastmasters International Humourous Speech Contest twice! Gerry received his Advanced Toastmaster Gold Award in 2010. He has spoken in the U.S., in Europe, in the U.K and in Ireland.

After years of suffering from a terrible fear of public speaking, Gerry transformed that fear into confidence. As Gerry says: ‘The reality is Public Speaking is a skill that can be learned and mastered’.

So, if you are already a highly competent speaker committed to realizing your highest potential, a reluctant speaker or a non-speaker (practicing avoidance), Gerry can help you access your deepest creativity and find a new sense of purpose in the world.

Gerry’s strategies can also easily be applied to musicians and performers in other disciplines.

Key Areas:

  • Have greater confidence in all manner of communications
  • Have better career prospects
  • Have greater self-expression

Location: Ireland, D 13

Phone: 083 8090 415