Elfreda Manahan Vaugh
Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan | Mind Coach | Master Practitioner NLP | Certified Meditation Instructor | Ireland

Elfreda is passionate about helping people to become more self-aware and have greater power in both in their personal and professional lives. She is a Mind Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Meditation Instructor and Communications and Stage Performance Trainer. Elfreda is a member of The International Association of Mind Coaches and the International Association of Meditation Instructors. Elfreda has been teaching and running workshops for over 20 years in the areas of Personal Development and Presentation and Performance Skills, both inside and outside the education system in Ireland.

Elfreda currently takes clients for Mind Coaching and Confidence Coaching. She works with both teenagers and adults, as she has over 20 years experience working with teenagers at Second Level. Elfreda also teaches Mindfulness, Communications and Stress Management both privately and as part of her work with the Louth Meath Education Training Board. She also delivers programmes in the Business Sector helping companies use Mindfulness in the workplace. The combination of NLP and Mindfulness is extremely useful when it comes to assisting clients to think more clearly and manage their stress better, giving them opportunities to make changes now that will benefit them long into the future.

Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan
The Elements Holistic Centre, Trim, Co. Meath.

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