Conor Kennedy
Conor Kennedy | Psychology, Psychotherapy Coaching and NLP | Switzerland

Conor has over 15 years multi-cultural experience guiding, assisting and re-focusing individuals to move from their position of lacking in their lives, helping them to reach the point where they can truly and confidently unleash their talents and talent potential. Combining 25 years of international business acumen with Psychology, Psychotherapy Coaching and NLP, Conor has unshakable belief in people's possibilities without exception, regarding all with unconditional respect and honour. Conor has established a practice conducted through flexibility, openness, honesty and awareness.

Key Areas:

  • Personal & Professional self confidence
  • Executive development
  • Stress management
  • Leadership development.

Conor Kennedy - Achievement Coach

Chemin Bean Rivage 2,
1006 Lausanne,

Phone: 0041 21 601 48 41

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