Brian Colbert | Master Trainer of NLP & Co-founder of the Irish Institute of NLP | Dublin Ireland

Brian Colbert is regarded as one of the leading consultants in the area of Personal Growth in Europe today. Brian is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and best-selling author. Brian has also forged a successful career as a highly effective Corporate Trainer & Consultant, producing results for some of giants of the business sector, such as Google, Coca-Cola & Pepsi. Brian has extensive experience in the media, providing interviews, programs & segments on RTE, TV3, Today FM and countless other broadcasters.

Brian also released a groundbreaking app based on his hypnotic trance CDs, which has surpassed 1 million downloads worldwide, topping Apple’s Health & Fitness Chart in several countries across the world.

As of today, Brian has released two best-selling books - "The Happiness Habit" and "From Ordinary to Extraordinary", bringing his experience and insight into the literary field and sparking amazing results in the process. Brian's books have made a pronounced impact overseas, being translated into a number of different languages worldwide.

What sets Brian apart from his peers is his hands on, direct, no-nonsense approach, which, while challenging at times - is always effective. Some people have described Brian’s thinking to be sometimes unconventional, but he has discovered over the years that it is this, client-centred approach, that produces the best results! Brian has already harnessed his wealth of experience, along with his collection of powerful insights and tools, to direct thousands of people towards achieving their true potential and leading fulfilled lives.

Brian’s warmth, authenticity and passion for life are contagious. Due to his commitment to getting the results his clients need, Brian has established an impressive track record, overflowing with success stories and genuine positive change. His charismatic training style often swings delicately between the profound and the downright funny, which allows learning to become an interesting and fun experience.

Brian Colbert
Master Trainer of NLP & Co-founder of the Irish Institute of NLP

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