angy dieckmann

Angy Dieckmann | Certified NLP Mind & Life Coach | Maryland, USA

Angy is a certified NLP Mind & Life Coach specializing in parent and young adult coaching to help unlock their full potential.  Her aim is to help clients achieve their goals of effective thinking and happier lives. Though she specializes in parents and children, she is equipped to coach those at any stage of life, including retirees and seniors.
Drawing from her personal and at times very challenging history, she has learned to overcome many obstacles. This has equipped and enhanced her sense of awareness as a coach.  She has decades of experience as a childcare specialist, personal and family assistant. Her observation skills, acute listening ability and approachable personality have a positive influence on her clients. Fluent in three languages (English, German, Kiswahili), she is available to help people from all walks of life.

Key Areas:

  • Goal Achievement
  • Young Adult Coaching
  • Parent Coaching



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