Clayton Perks
Clayton is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP and apprentice of Dr Richard Bandler. He is one of the best trainers around and highly recommended. He runs workshops in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning. Check him out!

Tina Taylor
Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mentoring, Coaching, London with our great friend Tina Taylor... a top quality NLPer with lots to offer!

Uwe's NLP Store
Our good friend Uwe Boehm's website featuring NLP products. The websites in German but he speaks perfect English. Great guy!

NLP Seminars Netherlands
NLP Seminars Nederland represents top quality NLP training in The Netherlands. They offer excellent NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner courses as well as many life enhancing workshops and coaching. They are licensed by Dr Richard Bandler.

Niamh Sheills
Niamh is excellent at helping you make powerful changes, effectively. Check out her site now!

Bureau Personal Development
Rob Kamps is our friend from the Netherlands and provides top quality NLP training.

SCS Enterprises
Our friends Joel and Debra run SCS in the states. They are both highly skilled nlpers and energy workers among other things. Also check out this site for a great review of 'Conversations'

Some of the best, funniest and shortest NLP trainings in the Netherlands. Their double inductions are fantastic. Being husband and wife for 26 years, they harmonize male/female, right/left brain like you've never heard before. Practitioner and Maste.

NLP Alchemy
Check out this site and our friend Nick Kemp.

Just Be Well
Steve Tromans is a highly skillful and extensively experienced hypnotist and NLPer based in London. He also has a team of great NLPers working with him across the globe. Well worth exploring.
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Paul McKenna
Paul McKenna's super site giving details about seminars with himself, John LaValle, Michael Neale and Dr Bandler himself as well as products and more...

Solutions in Mind
Our friend Steven does NLP Trainings in the uk. Check him out.

NLP Hypnotherapy
Nice NLP and Hypnotherapy site. Worth having a browse through.

NLP World
NLP World is a valuable resource base which has lots of excellent links and information. Click here for more resources on NLP , NLP techniques, NLP training and more.

PPI Business NLP
'Our vision is to provide you with 'world class' NLP, executive coaching, team building and communication skills in Milton Keynes, London and Adastral Park' One of the UK's leading business NLP sites. NLP, executive coaching, team building and community.

23 NLP People
Andy Austin's site is an extensive and brilliant resource base for articles on NLP, Neurology and the facinating areas of Psychology. Andys a nice guy and, as you'll see from this site, an awful lot of knowledge in the fields of Psychology, Neurology.

Excel Quest
One of my favourites on the web, check out Master Trainer Barbara Stepp's great site. Check out the QUOTES section for the most fantastic collection of quotes you'll find.

Generative NLP
As the specialist in Profound Relaxation, Charles Moore uses the Mythogenic Self Process, a unique approach to NLP to enable you to make powerful changes in your life.

Paul Clough
Certified Trainer with NLP (NLP University, Santa Cruz) Master Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy ™ C.M.H. C.Hyp. To help you reach your potential check out Pauls site.

Mastery Insight
Jonathan Altfeld's award winning site has lots of information about NLP which internet chat logs, articles and much more. CHECK IT OUT TODAY!

Accelerated Learning
If you want one of the best personal and business coaches in the world check out Leonard Darnell: A truely gifted expert who will teach you how to make the most out of yourself. Check it out TODAY!

Liverpool Hypnotherapy
Liverpool Hypnotherapy, using NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy in Liverpool.

Mind Works
Niamh Hannan and Billy O'Leary run this excellent consultancy company in Ireland. Check them out NOW!

NLP Mind
Get onto this site NOW if you are interested in some well explained metaphors of NLP, some nice ideas and the ability to partake in on-line NLP webinars!!! Fantastic, check out Steve Boyley's site NOW!

Salad Ltd
Jamie Smart is a NLP trainer in Leister and has a cool NLP site. Well worth a look.

NLP Academy
Michael Carroll is a well respected trainer who runs NLP trainings and related courses in London. A genuine good bloke, a nice guy and John Grinders promoter in Britain.. Check it out!