The IINLP has helped me change the way I look at life and armed me to combat the greatest adversary of all: my mind!

DP Fitzgerald, TV Presenter


I took part in the NLP Practitioner course last week. Was it amazing or was it fantastic?! It was both actually! Brian and Owen have a unique presenting style - to say the least! Everything about this course was a welcome shock to the brain. I'm already using what I've learned both professionally and personally. This course energised and excited me. I feel like I've taken a giant leap on my continuous journey of self-discovery.

Jacqueline Walsh Wadden


We're lucky and grateful to meet them and be taught by them! Legends, the pair of them!

Vivienne Kerrigan | Hypnobirther


I just finished the NLP Practitioner course with Brian and Owen. Absolutely amazing guys, a truly life changing experience. I never knew I could learn (and laugh!) that much in such a short period of time, and I´m looking forward to using these new skills in my life. A million thanks to both of you.

Beatriz Galindo García | Mind Coach


Many thanks to Brian, the Weekend Practitioner Programme in Dublin has been amazing and a true eye opener for a lot of us. It is really a wake up call to me. The amount of knowledge, level of awareness and techniques we have learned and now starting to develop is just unbelievable.

Kev Lee Mdd | Kickboxer

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Brian and Owen take what appear to be complicated subjects and make them easy to use and understand.  Highly enjoyable and top class training, useful in all areas of business and life in general.

Seán Rooney |Technical Director, Integrity Solutions


Deeply impressed by the teaching, knowledge and human and interactional skills, I enthusiastically recommend Brian and NLP Ireland. Trust me, there is nothing better that can happen to you than applying for one of their courses.

Dr. Diana Constantinople


Without saying a word these guys communicate genuine ,care,concern and commitment to helping people change their lives in everyway for the better. Then when they speak their brilliant communication skills allow you to gain a tremendous amount from your chosen course. World Class in every way!

Aidan O Connor | Head of Sales Royal Liver Insurance


Brian and Owen are like the very best teacher you ever had: they make learning fun, and give you the confidence, to know that you will be living working and being in all the most effective ways possible for you in your future!

Sue Holden | Organisational Development Consultant and Executive Coach


Every Doctor, every therapist, nay every person would benefit from taking these courses. They will leave you happier, better able to cope with life, and better able to communicate with and help others

Dr. Alan Moran | Drogheda

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Your NLP Practitioner Course honestly has to be classed as the best training experience that I have ever had. I'm glad I travelled home to enjoy it. You guys really do know your stuff and more importantly you know how to share it too. The training you delivered taught me how to focus on and develop my own infinite abilities. The training also gave me a new and entirely bigger, brighter, sharper, more colourful outlook on my life and what I want to do with it, both personally and professionally.

Kevin Dowdall | Inventory Manager, Orleans, France


Owen and Brian are so commited to teaching and developing that I couldn’t but learn from them. Their courses are an absolute pleasure and have impacted my life in countless ways.

Andy Hall | Teacher Trainer


Brian and Owen employ a teaching strategy of learning by doing. They combine language, anecdotes and humour to deliver an unforgettable learning experience.

Paul Power


Owen and Brian have a unique training style: starting off with confusing you,encouraging you to laugh and have fun,sending you to ‘sleep’ every evening.And at the end of the course you will go home with the skills and confidence to go for it and trust in yourself,no matter what life presents to you.

RoseMary Clarke | European HR Manager Creative Labs Ltd.


I’ve learned so much and realised that I can be myself no matter what. I never realised how powerful language is and also how wonderful and fantastic and amazing I am!! You teach brilliantly and the content of the course is spot on. I’ll definitely be doing the masters.

Donna Kennedy | Life Coach

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