I have been doing courses in different countries and with the leaders in the area. To this day the NLP Coaching course provided by the Irish Institute, is the most in-depth program training in Coaching. 

The invaluable experience and quality of the instructors. The unique framework developed and implemented during the course, packed with full of theory and practice.

These great insights, that extensively changed my personal and business approach to life.

I highly recommend this course if you want to become a successful Mind Coach and a Master of your Life.

Nuno Pires


I first attended a Coaching Course with Brian and Owen ten years ago. As a coach I am a firm believer in continuous professional and personal development both for my clients and to assist me on my own journey.

In December 2015 I decided to return to the Irish Institute of Nlp to enhance my coaching skills. The standard and quality of content delivered by Brian and Owen far surpassed my expectations. I have as part of my continuous professional development participated over the years on various coaching courses. None of them came near the professionalism of these two trainer coaches.

This course I can categorically say has been the best return on investment for me, enabling me as a coach to make a difference to me and my clients.

Sincere thanks to you both.

Marie Donovan - New Options Coaching and Training

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If you're looking for the way forward in life and you would like to learn the necessary skills whether it's for personal development or business related then I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Brian and Owen are worldwide leaders in the field of personal development.

Stephen Rockett - Mind Coach


The dynamic duo of Brian Colbert and Owen Fitzpatrick compliment each other's NLP training styles so effectively that they appear to be two parts of the same being!
I lost  and found myself several times over in their NLP Coaching Training... and on completion of the course I emerged a happier, shinier, more focussed and confident ME.

All of their trainings  have challenged me to expand and stretch into my potential... and all of them are also great fun. None more so than the Coaching training which revolutionized my life and brought me to where  I wanted to be. One of the best investments of time and money I have ever made... and I recommend  it highly to anyone seeking to implement changes in their life.

Claire Mathews - Mind Coach


I've learned an awful lot from Brian Colbert and he's made my life better along the way. His skills in creating change are phenomenal. That change could be learning vital skills or overcoming past issues and feelings that drag you down. If you want to develop your skills or overcome a difficulty I'd highly recommend Brian.

John Prendergast - Business Coach & Founder of High Impact Academy


The Irish Institute of NLP is world class in their training.  If you want the best of training, then train with the very best. Regardless of whether you are a coach, or you are doing this for your own personal development, you will be amazed, excited and fulfilled learning techniques that will benefit you for life. I know my own busy practice has been greatly enhanced from training with Owen and Brian.

Margaret Mara - Mind Coach


If you want to feel good about yourself your life and how to do things and if you want to easily and simply change things you don’t like then these guys can show you how you already have it just tune into it plus you’ll have a great laugh learning and enhancing all the stuff you already know.It’ll be money well spent.

Vivienne Kerrigan Hypnotherapist


Having had an interest in NLP for a number of years in 2012 I attended the Practitioner with Brian Colbert. A whole new world was opened up to me on that course and it changed how I communicate with others forever. Since then I have completed the Master Practioner and Life and Business Coaching course.

The IINLP is a wonderful organisation not simply because of what you can learn but because of the skills, talent,and support of Brian Colbert, Owen Fitzpatrick and Theresa Colbert. You will never regret choosing to train in NLP with IINLP,  it will change you in ways you can't even imagine and all for the better.

Elfreda Manahan - Vaughan Mind Coach Metta-Morphics


Learn skills that will literally transform your life, and have the time of your life as you learn! These guys are the best in the business.

Martin Styles - Hypnopsychotherapist and Mind Coach


Having trained with many world leading NLP Master Trainers- i can confirm that both Owen & Brian lead the way with the masses following far behind.

Karl Fagan Sales Coach


It all started with a Life Enhancement weekend course over 10 years ago, which came at a time when I really really needed it. Brian and Owen simply blew my mind away. Since then I’ve become a Mind Coach with the institute and now I get to share the amazing transformational tools I’ve learned over the years; the same tools that helped change the direction of my life and make me a healthier, happier and more fulfilled woman. Throughout it all, everyone at the institute has supported and encouraged me incredibly.

I love that all us coaches are held to extremely high standards both ethically and technically. I’m extremely proud to represent the Irish Institute of NLP.

Anna Aparicio - Delite Solutions

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The Irish Institute of NLP are world class in their training.  If you want the best of training, then train with the very best.  I know my own busy practice has been greatly enhanced from training with Owen and Brian. Regardless of whether you are a coach, or you are doing this for your own personal development, you will be amazed, excited and fulfilled learning techniques that will benefit you for life. I highly recommend their training.  Prepare to have fun on your journey with them

Margaret Mara Hypnotherapist - Mind Coach


I would like to thank to Brian, Owen and Theresa for showing me that there are many great ways of living the life I want. I have started my journey with NLP a year ego with The Irish Institute of NLP. I have completed my Business Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Coaching workshops. I have met plenty of good people at the workshops. I had a fabulous time, full of enjoyment and fun.

Since that I use my new skills in every day life as well as in business. Furthermore thanks to International Association of Mind Coaches with IINLP I have got plenty opportunities to continue my personal development and growth. I fully recommend IINLP.

Agnieszka Szczepanek - Mind Coach