brain juice 200Pssst! There is something in the news we want to tell you about...

Perhaps you were one of the 2 million lucky ones who got a break from us with Digipill way back in 2012. Well we’re back because time has moved on and everything has changed. The pace of life is so much faster now. You spoke we listened. You have asked for something even more powerful!

We went back to the drawing board. We met, we fought, we worked, we tried, we cried, we tested and trialled and now we’re ready…

Say hello to our little friend.

Introducing the all new success and happiness app providing you with tailored recipes for Peak Performance and well being. Bespoke Hypnotic audios designed with your busy life in mind.

Brain Juice™ Give your mind a Boost!

  • Research tells us you will not only feel better because of this but you will live longer and be healthier if you do! Please be our guest, go ahead and have a little taster for free.
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