The Society of NLP is the largest and oldest NLP training body in the world. It was founded in 1979. It is recognised as the only licensed NLP certification body by NLP co-founder Dr Richard Bandler.

The President of the Society is John LaValle. Those who train with Society approved trainers are required to sign a license agreement in completing a Practitioner, Business or Master Practitioner training. The license agreement is simply a way of protecting yourself, NLP and Dr Bandler. It stipulates that you will not go out and claim you are an NLP trainer after doing one or two courses. It maintains the integrity of the field and ensures that you will only start representing yourself as a NLP trainer when you are appropriately licensed.

If you complete an NLP Practitioner, Business Practitioner or Master Practitioner training with the Irish Institute, you will be automatically be presented to Richard and the Society of NLP for their certification. Once approved, you will become a member of the Society of NLP for two years. After that you keep up your certification by simply contacting the Society of NLP and describing how you have been using and updating your NLP skills over the two years. Certification costs initially are $200 and are included in your course fee. Certification Renewal every two years is free. Check our links section for the link to do this.